25 August 2010


The summer has come to a quick end! I plan to keep working on ¡Hace Sol! at Hampshire, and propose a Fulbright for 2012..more to come!

Photos from La Rioja, Argentina

Thanks for following!! :)

15 August 2010

Still here.

I have been busy visiting schools with XO laptops! Wrapping up my internship here and still working hard on Hace Sol.

21 July 2010


I'm proud to (finally!) launch hacesol.org !! We now have an official online home, which will be critical for funding the project. Feel free to leave feedback here!!

14 July 2010


I am now in Montevideo with Federico (also with OLPC)! I'm checking out the solar projects that have been installed here with the XO, and Fede is looking at adaptations for students with special needs.

"¡Hace Sol!" will have a website in the next few days..so stay tuned!!!!

26 June 2010

¡Vamos, vamos!

The octavos start today!

Tomorrow is Arg v. Mexico..thought I'd post a short video from the plaza after Demichelis scored #1 against Greece..


16 June 2010

The Green Light

I've officially received the green light to go ahead with my project:

¡Hace Sol!

With luck, I'll be delivering solar panels to every student without access to electricity in La Rioja. It's the kind of project I've always wanted to get involved with, and I'm really ecstatic to have a purpose here! I will try to launch a website soon, but for now we are looking at costs and logistics...there are a few options to make this happen, and several panels are actually designed specifically to fit the XO!

¡Hasta pronto!